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T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due Development
Sub-task HPCC-19622

HPCC-18826 Top level timeline to replace heat map

Gordon Smith Gordon Smith Major Resolved Fixed  
Sub-task HPCC-16568

HPCC-18826 Timers page not adding up

Gordon Smith Michael Payne Minor Resolved Won't Fix  
Sub-task HPCC-16112

HPCC-18826 Provide a visual flowchart for running workunits

Gordon Smith Lorraine Chapman Major Resolved Fixed  
Sub-task HPCC-14081

HPCC-18826 New TAB (Timings)

Gordon Smith greg whitaker Minor Resolved Fixed  
Sub-task HPCC-12089

HPCC-18826 Heat map of file sizes/scopes/by user

Gordon Smith Lorraine Chapman Minor Resolved Won't Fix