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T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due Development
Sub-task HPCC-17535

HPCC-16072 DOCS: Please document file history

Greg Panagiotatos Miguel Vazquez (Inactive) Minor Resolved Fixed  
Sub-task HPCC-16377

HPCC-16072 Extend ECLWatch to display history information of a file

Miguel Vazquez (Inactive) Attila Vamos Major Resolved Fixed  
Sub-task HPCC-16376

HPCC-16072 Extend DFUplus to list or erase history

Attila Vamos Attila Vamos Minor Resolved Fixed  
Sub-task HPCC-16375

HPCC-16072 Add core functionality

Attila Vamos Attila Vamos Major Resolved Fixed