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IDE sometimes loses a local disk Save-As



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      Discovered during a training class where we save files to the hard drive.

      Opened up a version of a file named PersonsFileSearchService.ecl done the previous day, edited it to add the changes for this day's exercises, then did a SAVE-AS with the name PersonsFileSearchService2.ecl. All this appeared to happen with no problem. The folder had been added in the preferences for ECL files, so it showed up in the Repository window and in that Repository window the new file does not show up. Close the new file editor window and try to open it again, and you do not see it in the list of files in the folder that can be opened.. But go to a windows file browser and the new files is sitting there. Close the IDE then reopen it and then the new file does show up now.

      This won't tend to affect anyone using the repository, but will affect training classes and possibly OSS users. If the user does not notice this, and tries to run code - the IDE reports errors since it cannot see the new attribute. Can be very confusing.




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