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unable to remove the locked subfile from a superfile


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      I posed a question in an email last week and it's looking like it's possibly an issue.

      I have a query called icecream_query that uses a superkey. This superkey uses two subfiles called password and password3. I added an active package that causes this superkey to reference just password. I was able to remove password3 from the superkey but I was unable to remove password.

      Here's the message I got:

      Exception(s) occurred:

      Reporter: WsDfu::SUPERFILEACTION()

      Code Message
      30 2013-04-26 15:22:04 GMT: SDS: Lock held SDS Reply Error : SDS: Lock held Lock is held performing changeMode on connection to : Files/Scope[@name="thor"]/Scope[@name="icecream"]/Scope[@name="key"]/File[@name="icecream_name_password"]/, existing lock info: Locks on path: /Files/Scope[@name="thor"]/Scope[@name="icecream"]/Scope[@name="key"]/File[@name="icecream_name_password"]/ Endpoint |SessionId |ConnectionId |mode |time(duration)] |800001a11 |8000029ae |25 |2013-04-26T15:21:55(9194 ms) |8000010a6 |800002a6f |21 |2013-04-26T15:22:04(13 ms) |800001ea3 |8000029b1 |25 |2013-04-26T15:21:55(9194 ms) |800001582 |8000029ab |25 |2013-04-26T15:21:55(9194 ms)

      Stuart Ort mentioned that "As long as the superkey is not locked, I would think you should be able to remove a key from a superkey in dali even if the key is in use."

      Jake Smith metioned that " Richard Chapman can probably answer better..

      But yes, I agree, as you were able to removed 'password3' from superkey, superkey can't be locked.
      Seems to me you should also be able to remove 'password' from superkey, whether in use or not..

      Lorraine Chapman Anthony Fishbeck

      Richard Chapman - can you please comment?


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