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Enable dynamic log manager configuration in esdl bindings



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      The esdl service current creates and initializes a single log manager instance during service initialization. The manager's configuration is associated with the EspService configuration element and is shared by all dynamic bindings bound to this service definition. Dynamically published services can only use a logging configuration known at deployment.

      Retain the current manager initialization logic, for backward compatibility, and add code to setup an alternate manager each time the service refreshes loads its esdl binding. If the current configuration is static and the new configuration is dynamic, the relationship between them is:

      • Given neither static nor dynamic, logging is not available.
      • Given static and not dynamic, the static configuration is used.
      • Given dynamic and not static, the dynamic configuration is used.
      • Given both static and dynamic, the dynamic configuration is use
      • If a binding is republished and adds a dynamic configuration, the dynamic configuration is used. 
      • If a binding is republished and removes a dynamic configuration, the static configuration (if any) is used.

      A binding can ensure no logging is used, regardless of the EspService definition to which it is bound, by specifying a log manager configuration that declares no log agents.




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