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Index Build 2nd form - Unable to compile on 7.x and 6x with error "Mapping for field __internal_fpos__ is missing"


    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Resolved
    • Priority: Major
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: None
    • Fix Version/s: 7.4.12, 7.2.36
    • Component/s: Code Generator
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      Summary of issue found using the new method to build the index:

       If the layout has a child dataset with no field or a string field following it, it will fail

      • If the layout has a child dataset with an unsigned or integer field following it, it will succeed but the output will not have _internal_fpos_
      • The child dataset must be in the payload for it to fail, if it’s in the layout but not the payload, it succeeds
      • It does not fail if the dataset is empty or defined inline, only if it’s read from a file

      Here are the Alpha Dev workunits:

      Method Test Detail WU Result Notes
      1 no field after child dataset W20190807-122821 SUCCEEDED  
      2 no field after child dataset W20190807-122746 FAILED  
      2 inline dataset, no field after child dataset W20190807-124332 SUCCEEDED  
      2 string field after child dataset W20190807-123000 FAILED  
      2 unsigned field after child dataset W20190807-123154 SUCCEEDED no _internal_fpos_ field in output
      2 integer field after child dataset W20190807-130420 SUCCEEDED no _internal_fpos_ field in output
      2 defined _internal_fpos_ after child dataset in layout/payload, but not in ds W20190807-123721 SUCCEEDED  
      1. 2
      no child dataset in layout or payload W20190807-124154 SUCCEEDED  
      2 child dataset in layout, but not payload W20190807-125207 SUCCEEDED  


      Method 1 (define index with dataset)

      key := index(ds, {testStr1}, {ds}, file_key_sf);

      build_key := build(key, filename, update);


      Method 2 (define index without dataset, build with dataset)

      key := index({layout.testStr1}, layout and not [testStr1], file_key_sf);

      build_key := build(key, ds, filename, update);


      Error: INTERNAL: Mapping for field _internal_fpos_ is missing from transform (0, 0)




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