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Should c$ and d$ still be in HPCC code...?


    • Type: Bug
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    • Fix Version/s: 7.0.2
    • Component/s: Thor
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      Working with an upgrade from HPCC 5.x to 6.x, I'm getting an error that mentions a "/d$" Linux path.

      Nowhere in environment.xml is "/d$" mentioned.   "Directories" group only designates /var/lib/....

      In searching for references to /d$ and /c$ in HPCC source code, I discovered github does not support searching with special characters like "$".

      However, google.com does support it.  And currently finds "/d$" in apparently "current" code, below.

      Q:  Should this code still be here?  Should any logic be referring to folders with /d$ - Naturally, in some installations (all new ones?), there will be no /c$ or /d$ defined.




      line 2301

      void slaveMain(bool &jobListenerStopped)

      { ... ... ... if (getConfigurationDirectory(globals->queryPropTree("Directories"),"mirror","thor",globals->queryProp("@name"),repdir)) overrideReplicateDirectory = repdir.str(); else *overrideReplicateDirectory = "/d$";* setLocalMountRedirect(ip, overrideReplicateDirectory, "/mnt/mirror"); }




      line 876

      int STARTQUERY_API start_query(int argc, const char *argv[])
      // MORE: Get parms from topology after it is populated from Hardware/computer types section in configenv
      // Then if does not match and based on desired action in topolgy, either warn, or fatal exit or .... etc
      // Also get prim path and sec from topology
      #ifdef _WIN32
      getHardwareInfo(hdwInfo, "C:", "D:");
      #else // linux
      getHardwareInfo(hdwInfo, "/c$", "/d$");
      if (traceLevel)

      { DBGLOG("Current Hardware Info: CPUs=%i, speed=%i MHz, Mem=%i MB , primDisk=%i GB, primFree=%i GB, secDisk=%i GB, secFree=%i GB, NIC=%i", hdwInfo.numCPUs, hdwInfo.CPUSpeed, hdwInfo.totalMemory, hdwInfo.primDiskSize, hdwInfo.primFreeSize, hdwInfo.secDiskSize, hdwInfo.secFreeSize, hdwInfo.NICSpeed); }











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