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Error Spraying BLOBs: DFUPLUS & ECL Watch


    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Resolved
    • Priority: Major
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: 6.4.8
    • Fix Version/s: 7.0.0
    • Component/s: DFU Server, EclWatch
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      When spraying a blob using DFU plus, the operation never completes. It actually deletes the file after spraying. I end up with a status of "started" at 100% with no file.

      Here is my command line dump:


      [dev@aebueahpcd102v mike]$ sudo dfuplus server=http://aebueahpcd101v.aeb.rbxd.ds:8010 username=devMP password=mypassword overwrite=1 replicate=0 action=spray srcfile=/var/lib/HPCCSystems/mydropzone/mike/cited/2015/*.xml dstcluster=thor1 dstname=mpayne::scopus::in::cores::2015::citedby PREFIX=FILENAME,FILESIZE nosplit=1

      srcip not specified - assuming spray from local machine

      Checking for local Dali File Server on port 7100


      Fixed spraying from /var/lib/HPCCSystems/mydropzone/mike/cited/2015/*.xml on to mpayne::scopus::in::cores::2015::citedby

      Submitted WUID D20181012-023159

      0% Done

      0% Done

      0% Done

      0% Done

      0% Done

      0% Done

      10% Done, 2m 49s left (11/108MB @574KB/sec) current rate=574KB/sec [8/16nodes]

      31% Done, 105 secs left (34/108MB @701KB/sec) current rate=771KB/sec [8/16nodes]

      58% Done, 57 secs left (63/108MB @794KB/sec) current rate=897KB/sec [8/16nodes]

      80% Done, 26 secs left (87/108MB @802KB/sec) current rate=944KB/sec [12/16nodes]

      90% Done, 14 secs left (98/108MB @705KB/sec) current rate=410KB/sec [13/16nodes]

      97% Done, 3 secs left (106/108MB @627KB/sec) current rate=281KB/sec [14/16nodes]

      100% Done, 0 secs left (108/108MB @574KB/sec) current rate=574KB/sec [16/16nodes]



      When trying to do the same with ECL Watch I can’t select the file because there are literally thousands. Had to select a different file in ECL watch, click the BLOB option, and change the source path (you cant just select a spray option and enter what you want, something has to be selected). I then get error:

      Source network IP not specified


      I've attached screenshot of ECL Watch.


      I would like to know if this issue exists in later versions as upgrading is a non-trivial process at the moment just for something that may still not work.




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