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Count of Parsed field added to next record in dataset


    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Resolved
    • Priority: Major
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: 6.0.0
    • Fix Version/s: 6.4.8
    • Component/s: Thor
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      Found an issue with the OSS versions between our Old and New Dev environments. Below are the details:

      “Old Dev” has ECLWatch at (internal_5.4.10-1)


      “New Dev” has ECLWatch at (internal_6.4.8-rc1)


      Sample code:


      setDs := dataset(['1,2,3', '4,5,6', '7,8,9'], {unicode num_set});


      pt := project(setDs,

                    transform({recordof(left), integer set_cnt},

                              self.set_cnt := count(XCR_Utilities.ConvertRCIUnicodeList.toIntegerSet(left.num_set)),

                              self := left));

      output(pt, named('pt'));


      The issue I am seeing is that in old dev the desired output should just count the number of items in each set, ie:

      record 1 - count(1,2,3) = 3
      record 2 - count(4,5,6) = 3
      record 3 - count(7,8,9) = 3

      But what im seeing with the new OSS version is the following:

      record 1 - count(1,2,3) = 3
      record 2 - count(4,5,6) = 6
      record 3 - count(7,8,9) = 6

      As you can see the set_cnt is not correct and almost looks like it added the content counts from record 1 to the count of the contents from record 2. Then for record 3 the count of the contents are added to the counts for record 2. I have other examples with show it’s the buffer not being cleared as well for the counts.


      When doing each of the records individually, ie XCR_Utilities.ConvertRCIUnicodeList.toIntegerSet(setDs[1].num_set), the results come back correct.




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