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Any way to "purge" Dali of everything but "files"?


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      We have a Dali store that has been around for years, without ever "starting over". I.e., logical files/superfiles have been added/deleted/etc., with generations of the same dali store.
      We've even had a few events (misconfigurations, power/network failures, ...) during that time that have likely (absolutely?) affected the Dali store.
      Jake has worked with us a few times on this (flying blind, unable to see the system).

      Key here: We don't want to have to rebuild/reload data. I.e., we'd like to leave the file-parts intact, across this "purge".

      My question:
      Is there a way to "purge" the Dali store of "everything but the files"?
      Is it possible something like the following would work?

      • Stop Dali and all HPCC activity
      • Save a copy of the Dali store
      • Edit the store to remove all top-level branches except
      • Files
      • (anything else?)
      • Restart Dali

      Of the other top-level branches... are there others that we could not remove?
      I.e., are the /Files members dependent on other branches?
      At some point, I've mined the following top-level branches from Dali:
      QuerySets, PersistRunLocks, JobQueues, _Locks, DFU, WorkflowSchedule, GeneratedDlls, WorkUnitRunLocks, ESDL, Groups, WorkUnitAborts, Environment, PackageSets, Locks, GraphProgress, Status, PackageMaps, Queues, WorkUnits, Schedulers, Schedule
      Would any of these need to remain?

      We have no Roxies on this Dali.
      We don't care about workunit history (have already archived that elsewhere).

      Naturally, if there's a better way to do this type of "purge" on Dali, we're all ears.
      E.g., if we "re-register" logical files/superfiles with dfuplus... (though, I think we'd still want to "purge" Dali of extraneous sludge).





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