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Compression Flag on ECLWatch and Soapcall Issue



      This is for whichever current platform version is on Alpharetta Dev Thor hthor_dev.

      Code was run to compress files and it successfully completed using std.file.copy for 34 of them before there was a soapcall error.


      Here are the possible issues we noticed when looking at the WU.

      1 - DFUs exist for all 34 (as seen in WU) with Compressed flagged as true
      2 - The soapcall used to populated the compressed file size in the "Completed File List" output are all 0.
      3 - When going through "Search Logical Files" you can see the files are compressed in the list that displays
      4 - When looking at the file details compression is not listed
      5 - When going to Browse Files by Scope, compression is not listed

      Though I am confident the compression work because of the DFUs as evidence, the flags in ECLWatch to crosscheck are not matching.

      FWIW, previously when running this code the soapcall being used to get the compressed file size (ut.iscompressed is the attribute) would sometimes give responses that could be more than the uncompressed size. Not sure if this was a bug....




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