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Configmgr needs to validate eclagent queue names


    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Resolved
    • Priority: Minor
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: 5.6.6
    • Fix Version/s: 6.4.0
    • Component/s: Config UI
    • Labels:
    • Environment:
      Centos 6.8 running RPM 5.6.8-1


      A space was inadvertently placed in the wuQueueName of the eclAgent component using the ConfigMgr tool and, the environment check tool (green check mark) did not catch it. It was introduced into the environment and may have caused jobs to queue up, even though the queue appeared to be running. See below:

      The issue was a space in the queue name

      (12:04:16 PM) sip:Jake.Smith@reedelsevier.com: do you know how Lisa paused it?
      (12:04:24 PM) fernando.uceta: let me asj
      (12:04:55 PM) fernando.uceta: she's gone for the day...but i think they just use eclwatch...
      (12:05:09 PM) sip:Jake.Smith@reedelsevier.com: paused "hor_mvrqa_staging_prod" from activity page u think?
      (12:05:17 PM) fernando.uceta: aye
      (12:05:29 PM) fernando.uceta: I suspect they select all and pause
      (12:12:01 PM) sip:Jake.Smith@reedelsevier.com: think ok now
      (12:12:08 PM) sip:Jake.Smith@reedelsevier.com: but please check
      (12:12:55 PM) sip:Jake.Smith@reedelsevier.com: also, please if you can find out how the space got introduced, then a JIRA would be good to explain what happened
      (12:13:03 PM) fernando.uceta: roger that
      (12:13:42 PM) sip:Jake.Smith@reedelsevier.com: all good?
      (12:14:11 PM) fernando.uceta: still checking
      (12:14:41 PM) fernando.uceta: looks good...
      (12:14:55 PM) fernando.uceta: did you have to unpause the queues?
      (12:15:11 PM) sip:Jake.Smith@reedelsevier.com: manually with daliadmin:
      daliadmin . set '/JobQueues/Queue[@name="thor_mvrqa_staging_prod.agent"]/@state' active
      (12:15:15 PM) sip:Jake.Smith@reedelsevier.com: then I restarted the agent
      (12:15:18 PM) fernando.uceta: sweet
      (12:15:31 PM) fernando.uceta: putting that in my toolbox
      (12:16:02 PM) sip:Jake.Smith@reedelsevier.com: we need to workout how it got paused and stuck and not visible to unpause in eclwatch..
      (12:16:09 PM) sip:Jake.Smith@reedelsevier.com: I'm sure the duff space had something to do with it, but..




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