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Split concepts of an input and a row stream



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      Currently there is a ssumed to be a 1:1 correspondence between an input and a row stream. E.g., Thor's input interface is derived from IRowStream.

      Logically that should be split. I'm not 100% sure of the correct structure. I think we want the following:

      • Activities can have multiple logical outputs and logical inputs.
      • Each of those inputs and outputs could be processed in parallel with different row streams.
      • Different inputs (and in the future outputs) could each have different numbers of streams. For instance, the RHS of a lookup join may have a single stream, but the LHS may have multiple streams.

      (Note input isn't the most accurate name, I am going to use a Row channel in the following to see if it is clearer.)

      Here is a straw man to shoot down and improve:

      interface IActivity
          unsigned numOutputs();
          unsigned numInputs();
          unsigned numInputStrands(unsigned whichInput);
          IRiowChannel * queryOutput(unsigned n);
          void setInput(unsigned whichInput, IRowChannel * input);
          void setInputStrand(unsigned whichInput, unsigned whichStrand, IRowStreamEx * stream);
      interface IRowChannel
          unsigned numStrands();
          IRowStream * queryStrand(unsigned n);
          IOutputMetaData * queryMetaData();
      interface IRowStreamEx
          const void * nextRow();
          void stop(bool abort);

      At this point the row channel interfaces will no longer be derived from the rowstream interface. I'm not sure if it is worth the effort of having a shared row channel in thor and roxie.

      I think that matches our current activity structures relatively well. When connecting a particular output/input between activities, roxie should be able to automatically create the rowstream junctions to merge from 1->M M->1 etc. (It will need more information and logic...)

      Note: Eventually the row probes will also potentially need to have multiple strand variants..




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