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Make query list checking status on all roxie nodes optional



      I clicked on published queries and it took approx on the avg 3-5 mins to pull all the queries. Looks like we still have the same issue as of 4.x. I tried the same in dev 196 which is still 702 the queries show up in less than 2 sec, we have approx the same number of queries as of 190 may be even more in 196.

      Even if I go to a specific logical key and try to get the list of all associated queries it takes a long time to load . It is going to be difficult for users to be able to fix the problem if we are unable to identify the query/key association fast enough because this is the starting point.

      For example: thor_data400::key::codes::20150219::codes_v3 – I clicked on this key and clicked on queries it took approx 5 mins to load all associated queries.

      Please note roxieconfig in 702 has been the first point of entry for query/package team when trying to track the issues. IMO this functionality should not take this long.




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