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Fix problems with alias annotations on transforms



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      Currently the cse code annotates the expression tree with
      i) aliases
      ii) alias_scopes to indicate where the aliases should be evaluated

      Unfortunately when you have nested records, the transforms for the associated no_createrows are processed more than once, and sometimes that can cause aliases to be added in new places, or alias scopes to be added. This then means that alias(no_createrow) fails to match, causing the row to be recreated.

      An example of this can be seen with rchampion1.eclxml if the no_select expansion of a no_createrow is made independent of scope (as it should be).

      I think it occurs when you have 2 levels of nested rows, and different values assigned to the 1st level, but the same value assigned to the second level - which causes the place to evaluate the aliases to differ between the two.

      I suspect the only sensible solution is to
      i) mark alias if they are unconditonal
      ii) completely change the way that aliases are evaluated


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